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The mural below was completed in 2004 by renowned artist Tomashi Jackson, a visual artist and graduate of Yale University, where she currently an art instructor.


It is located in the historic West Adams area of Los Angeles. This mural project helped bring a troubled neighborhood together after a rash of killings occurred during that time.  Freedom Through Healing's Board Member, Yvette Jones, was living in the area of Budlong and Washington at the time with her two young sons and was concerned for their safety. Ms. Jones held a neighborhood meeting and garnered the funding to commission Ms. Jackson to complete the mural, which helped bring dialogue among community members, ultimately helping the neighborhood become a safer place to reside.


No, 14 years later, the mural has been tagged and is in desperate need of restoration. Freedom Through Healing is working in partnership with Tomashi on efforts to restore the mural and complete other such projects across the city. 

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