Art is a powerful catalyst for positive change in the world and is a catalyst for positive transformation in all areas of human development and personal growth. Art has the potential to raise awareness about our individuality and humanity, our relationship to others and our bond with our environment. We use artistic means to connect to social issues and to awaken something inside of particpants that helps them heal from what ails them.


Photographs have power. Creative photography allows us to see the world in new ways, to drop preconceptions, and to find focus in a busy, chaotic world. We faciliate guided walks and engage in discussions about the world around us, encouraging participants to think critically about social justice factors affecting their daily lives.  Photography has been embraced as a tool for mindfulness and meditation, which are critical tools used during photo walks.  After walks, we engage in discussions that involves analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal healing and spiritual growth.  



In working with local communities on mural projects, we aim to inspire residents to connect on a positive level while improving dialogue among neighbors. We are currently working with renowned artist and Yale instructor Tomashi Jackson in restoring one of her community murals located in the historic West Adams neighborhood of South Los Angeles. 



Because music is shown to have benefits for 

those challenged with mental health and anger issues, we use music as a tool to tap into the spirit of youth. This program helps engage youth and we connect them to mentors who help guide them towards a positive life path.