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Love at work

Love@ Work, the Exchange is a spiritual support group workshop that encourages true spirituality and assists individuals in evolving and learning to appreciate the power of one's voice. It is part metaphysical lecture, part soulful spoken word with R&B soul. Love@Work covers issues such as race relations, gender disparities, interpersonal violence, and economic freedom. The thread that runs through the sessions is soulful healing. Love@Work is an open environment for multifaceted sharing of our common humanity.


Reverend Alfreda Lanoix

My purpose is to invest all of the love and experiences garnered in my life into you, such that you would come to know the power of your own voice. The greatest epiphany is that you were born with all of the tools you needed to make an excellent life. Yet the perceptions of others eventually silenced the power of the inner voice. You can do anything you set your mind to. Period.

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