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Intellectual and Developmental Disability Support Services

Freedom Through Healing provides a variety of Supportive Services to assist individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their family members establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life.  Services include case/care management, caregiver support groups, Coordinated Family Support Services intergenerational caregivers, and specialized information and referral to health and community services.  

Coordinated family support services regional center

Coordinated Family Support Services (076)

Vendor #PW8601  (Westside Regional Center)

Freedom Through Healing is a vendor for service code 076, Coordinated Family Support Services (CFS),  which are designed to assist adults with developmental disabilities (DD) and their family members coordinate a variety of supportive services they need in a flexible and individualized approach.

Independent Living Skills

Independent Living Services are for adults with developmental disabilities that offer functional skills training necessary to secure a self-sustaining, independent living situation in the community and/or may provide the support necessary to maintain those skills. Individuals typically live alone or with roommates in their own homes or apartments. Services focus on functional skills training for adults who generally have acquired basic self-help skills or who, because of their physical disabilities, do not possess basic self-help skills, but who employ and supervise aides to assist them in meeting their personal needs.

independent living regional center
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Social Recreation Services

Social Recreation services support people served by regional centers to be more included in their communities, and to build social skills.

Services support individual interests and help people access their communities and the people in them. Social Recreation Services take place in the community to help develop social skills and personal relationships. They are also fun!

Case Management

By providing Supportive Services such as Case Management, we assist adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities establish and maintain a safe, stable, and independent life.

Services include:  Coordination of community living services, day program services, advocacy, Community education,  Parent training and Information and referrals.

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