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Camp Blue Monarch

Children Embracing in Circle

Eye-opening revelations Blue Monarch Day campers as they will engage in a sensory approach to unearthing many of nature’s secrets. Tactile learners will love investigating by digging in dirt, stomping through streams, and trekking for tracks, all for the sake of observing natural phenomena up close. Plant those roots early; you can never start cultivating an interest in nature too soon! Curious kids thrive in these camps, as they are hands-on, experiential, and centered around that favorite question “Why?”

Plant Life

While exploring Camp Blue Monarch’s gardens and forests, campers will dig deep to learn all about how plants grow. Get an up-close look at how people and animals use plants in different ways. 

Native Times

Jump in our time machine and visit the prehistoric age of the dinosaurs or discover what Native American life was like in early times. Campers will enjoy daily games and activities while on an epic adventure through history.

Quest Walk

Each day campers will embark on an epic quest, whether it’s following the tracks on easy hiking trails, searching for unique insects, or listening to the wind. This camp is sure to spark their imagination.


Campers will visit forests, tiptoe through gardens, and splash in wetlands. Adventurous campers will love blazing a trail of fun as we swing nets, build shelters, and play in the woods

Nature's Art

We combine nature and art as part of the camp activities to help inspire budding artists.  Campers will enjoy nature walks, animal encounters and hands-on discovery, while reflecting on the beautiful aspects of wildlife through art projects.

Birds and Bugs

All of these animals are incredible engineers. Campers will participate in animal encounters to discover how they construct their homes. We will work together as a team to create structures using the building techniques  learned from the animals themselves.


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